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Frequently Asked Questions

General fabric information, samples

What is your minimum purchase?
Our minimum purchase is a quarter of a metre. This is entered as 1 when placing your order.

How long is a metre?
A metre is 39.37 inches long so it is approximately three inches longer than a yard.

What does ‘working width’ mean?
Working width means the patterned, sequinned or decorated width of the fabric excluding the plain selvedges. All of the widths given on our website are working widths as we feel it is vital that you have this accurate information when working out your exact fabric needs.

How can I judge the scale of design in your fabrics?
You will see an inch tape overlaid on photos of fabrics where scale is an issue. One inch is equal to 2.5 centimetres.

How reliable is the colour reproduction of your fabric photos?
Every effort is made by our photographer to ensure true colour reproduction of our fabrics. However, there are many variables over which we have no control and we cannot guarantee perfect colour replication on your screen. We always recommend that you request a sample prior to purchase.

Do all Threads of Green fabrics appear on the website?
No, they do not. We have 1,000’s of fabric in stock at any one time. Some of them turn over very rapidly and are not repeated. If you have a fabric need that is not answered by our ranges on the website please contact us at sales@threadsofgreen.ie and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

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